Cool Music RecordEdit Station

Cool Music RecordEdit Station 7.4

A professional audio recorder, editor, and converter for the most-used formats

Cool Music Record/Edit Station is a powerful audio recorder, editor, and re-encoder full of interesting features and functions. This professional tool comes with built-in audio encoders and decoders for the most popular audio formats, such as WAV, MP3, WMA, Ogg, AIF, and PCM, allowing you to convert audio files between formats easily. Moreover, this program is capable of extracting the MP3 audio of any AVI container on the fly - that is, you can select and open any video file with an .AVI extension and this tool will show you the waveform of its audio stream, ignoring its video component.

Regardless of the input audio format (be it a pure audio file, or the audio extracted from an AVI video file), you can use any of the numerous provided editing tools and audio effects either by selecting them from its pull-down menus or by clicking on any of its more than 65 self-explanatory buttons. Whatever feature you choose, it can be applied to either the whole file or a section of it. To select a fragment of the audio file, you just need to use your mouse, clicking on the waveform graph and dragging the cursor from the start to the end position. Then, together with the more obvious playback and view options (zoom in and out, a choice of waveform or spectral view, etc.); you will find a long list of effects (delay, time, and pitch effects, filters…), equalizing, and noise reduction functions (with specific options for voice breath and cassette tape hiss).

Of course, this extensive functionality can also be applied to any new recording. Cool Music Record/Edit Station can record any sound coming through your soundcard, at the sample rate (from 6,000 to 96,000 KHz) and the bit-depth of your choice (8-, 16-, or 32-bit).

Wrapped up in a professional-looking and intuitive interface, this audio recording and editing tool offers you all the functionality you will ever need to record, edit, mix, and enhance your audio files.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Performs on-the-fly audio extractions from AVI video files
  • Comprehensive list of editing functions
  • Clear and well-structured interface with self-explanatory buttons
  • High-quality recording functionality


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